Cut, Carry, Congratulate

The Indonesia-Australia Commercial Cattle Breeding (IACCB) Program has officially rewarded the efforts of two successful cut-and-carry project partners.
  • KPT-MS in Lampung had produced 239 calves and were awaiting birth from 21 pregnant cows.

Smallholder cattle breeding cooperatives in South Lampung and East Java have been granted ownership of their imported cattle after meeting significant breeding criteria.

Both groups, Koperasi Petani Ternak Maju Sejahtera (KPT MS) and Sentra Peternakan Rakyat Mega Jaya (SPR MJ), have worked with the IACCB Program for around two and a half years to develop their cut-and-carry breeding models.

Each has shown that key performance indicators—such as conception, calving and weaning rates as well as cost-efficient average daily gains—can be achieved if their enterprises are well managed. 

Under the program agreement, the cattle would become formally owned by the smallholder collectives once each cooperative had proven its commercial credentials.

Mr Paul Boon, IACCB Strategic Program Advisor, confirmed that KPT MS and SPR MJ had passed the program’s commercial viability assessment process. 

“Both groups have shown good efforts in improving livestock productivity, controlling costs, and managing a conducive business climate,” Mr Boon said.

“With these handovers, we officially transferred ownership of the Brahman Cross cattle to the two farmers’ organizations.”

“They now have full management rights to the cattle to help further improve the welfare of local farmers and contribute to increase Indonesia’s cattle population.”


Results Get Rewards For Smallholders 

In East Java, SPR MJ succeeded in producing 143 calves. 

KPT MS, comprising 37 breeder groups in South Lampung, joined the IACCB Program in April 2017 and received 100 Brahman Cross heifers and six bulls from Australia. 

By December 2019, the cooperative’s breeders had produced 239 calves and were awaiting births from 21 pregnant cows. Recent pregnancy tests indicate that an estimated 260 calves will be born within a three-year period. 

Of the calves born, 169 have been sold at a total value of Rp1.7 billion.

KPT MS officially received ownership of the Brahman cross cattle on 30 September 2019.

At the handover event, the Regent of South Lampung, Mr H. Nanang Ermanto, expressed his pride in the members of KPT MS. 

“These breeders have made KPT MS one of the most profitable livestock cooperatives in South Lampung,” Mr Ermanto said. 

“They are helping to position South Lampung as an example for the development of national farms.”

In East Java, SPR MJ also received 100 Brahman Cross heifers and six bulls from Australia, and succeeded in producing 143 calves. The cooperative is also awaiting the birth of another 42 calves.

From the 143 calves raised, 121 have been sold at a total value of Rp881 million.

For this success, the IACCB Program officially transferred ownership of the Brahman Cross cattle on 7 October 2019.

Acting Head of the Bojonegoro District Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Services, Ms Catur Rahayu said the success of the cooperative could be used to inspire others.

“SPR Mega Jaya has proven its success and diligence in caring for and managing Brahman Cross cattle from Australia,” Ms Rahayu said. 

“Their success can be an example for other smallholder farmers in East Java, particularly in developing a profitable cattle breeding business.” 

A third cut-and-carry project partner, Pusat Pelatihan Pertanian dan Perdesaan Swadaya (P4S) Karya Baru Mandiri (KBM) in Central Kalimantan, joined the IACCB Program in late 2018. 

P4S KBM is currently raising the progeny of 20 pregnant heifers delivered from Australia in February 2019. All calves have been weaned, and the majority of cows have already conceived again.

P4S KBM will undergo a commercial viability assessment after 18 months of involvement in the program.


Coorperative Heads Praise Partnership With IACCB 

“From our partnership with the IACCB, we get opportunities to partner with other institutions, such as Bank Indonesia, who have helped provide cattle pens and warehouses to keep cattle feed. Universities in Lampung have also provided technical assistance to

One of the in-class trainings provided by IACCB for KPT-MS in Lampung

develop livestock-based tourism. We are also currently negotiating potential partnerships with feedlot companies. Before the partnership with the IACCB, there was not a single feedlot that was interested in working with us.”

— Mr Suhadi, head of KPT MS

“SPR is proud to work with the IACCB because this is the only livestock group that breeds Brahman Cross cattle in East Java. Farmers have the opportunity to learn the business of commercial cattle breeding and benefit from the business. With this collaboration, the village is more widely known by district and provincial government officials in East Java, so that the local government improved road access to the village, which was originally very remote and difficult to reach.”

— Mr Darwanto, chair of SPR Mega Jaya