Partnership Reports

This report outlines bi-annual progress of Partnership activities

Partnership Progress Report (July – December 2016) Jan 2017
Partnership Annual Report (July 2016 – June 2017) Jul 2017
Project Reports
Best Practice Guide for the Transport of Cattle in Indonesia April 2018 The purpose of this guide is to illustrate best practices for handling cattle during transport and in the design and construction of transportation facilities. The guide covers livestock transport on land and at sea in Indonesia, from sourcing cattle through to discharge at their final destination. The guide focuses on and is relevant to both local and imported breeder or slaughter cattle and applies whenever transport may occur within
Review of the Indonesia-Australia Pastoral Industry Student Program (2015-2016) Feb 2017 This review examined the extent to which the program (2015-2016) effectively contributes to the strategic objectives of the Partnership and whether it provides an effective training platform for those wishing to pursue a career in the sector.
Review of the Skills Development Program (2015-2016) Feb 2017 This review looked at a range of short courses (producer, processor, policy and senior policy) implemented in 2015-2016 to understand the value the investment contributes to Partnership outcomes.
Review of the Processing Work Program (2015-2016) Feb 2017 This review examined the completed skills training and SOP development activities to understand the value of the investment to Partnership outcomes and assessed several options for future support to the Indonesian processing sector.
Mid-Term Review of the Indonesia-Australia Commercial Cattle Breeding Program (IACCB) Aug 2017 This review was undertaken as an independent assessment of IACCB program performance at the mid-point of implementation. It recommended several potential improvements required to achieve the program’s intended objectives. It also examined lessons learnt, emerging risks and advised on mitigation measures.