Unlocking Business and Investment Opportunities in Indonesia’s Red Meat and Cattle Sector
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The level of commercial investment in cattle production is currently limited to a few key regions where a combination of land availability, access to infrastructure, relatively cheap feed sources, ample water supply, skilled labour and high market demand, occur together. These areas are predominantly in Java and South Sumatra.

This study aimed to identify broader regional potential for commercial investment in Indonesia’s cattle sector, based on the level of government support, bio-physical characteristics, social aspects, infrastructure quality and other supply chain factors. This report provides an overview of each prioritised region and provides initial recommendations that aim to unlock and identify business and investment opportunities. Five areas were identified that had potential for short to medium term growth and expansion, i.e.: (1) Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB); (2) East Kalimantan; (3) Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT); (4) South Sulawesi; (5) Southeast Sulawesi. The study did not include well established cattle production areas in Java and Sumatra which predominantly supply the large Javanese markets.

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Development of Investment Toolkit for Investment in Indonesia’s Cattle Sector (2020)
  • 2020

The IACCB program has developed useful production-oriented models to assist with decision-making, but these do not cover social, legal, marketing and logistics factors, or post-farm costs and returns. As a result, significant assumptions must currently be made to account for these issues, leading to less certainty and higher investment risk. Therefore, this project aims to develop a comprehensive decision-support toolkit to analyse these factors so that Indonesian and overseas businesses can more readily identify investment opportunities in the cattle production end of the Indonesian red meat supply chain.

The project is expected to run from April to October 2020.