Reference groups

Reference Groups will act as points of reference for Partnership-funded projects when evaluating proposals, monitoring performance, ensuring value for money, and delivering results. These groups will also ensure that funded projects remain relevant to the Partnership and stakeholder needs. In addition, the Reference Groups will provide oversight, sectoral context and advice to project promoters and implementers, to ensure that they deliver benefits to both industries and to all stakeholders.

Each Reference Group includes Indonesian and Australian industry and/or government Partnership members, and if necessary technical experts who are familiar with the subject or industry sector. Reference Group members will represent the interests of the Partnership when advising on proposed projects.

The Reference Groups are:

Investment Group

  • Troy Setter (Chair)
  • Adikelana Adiwoso

Supply Chain Group

  • The Hon Lawrence Springborg (Chair)
  • David Foote
  • Adikelana Adiwoso

Capacity Building Group

  • Jody Koesmendro (Chair)
  • The Hon Lawrence Springborg

Innovation and Export Group

  • Juan Permata Adoe (Chair)
  • Jimmy Halim
  • Bill Farmer Ao

Communications Group

  • Liz Ritchie (Chair)
  • Kris Sulisto