Our program

The Indonesia Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector (the Partnership) was developed by the Indonesian and Australian governments in response to global supply trends indicating increasing domestic demand for beef in Indonesia, decreasing domestic production, reduced availability of imports, and high prices from exporting countries.

Through the Partnership, Indonesia and Australia combine their strengths to improve the red meat and cattle sector supply chain in Indonesia and to promote a stable trade and investment environment between Indonesia and Australia.

The 10-year Partnership will span until 2023, with AUD $ 60 million in funding from the Australian Government and co-contributions from project Partners.


The Partnership Objective
Improving Indonesia’s Food Security

Improving Indonesia’s Food Security : improving the long-term sustainability, productivity and competitiveness of the sector

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge : establishing regular meetings with governments and the red meat and cattle sector to ensure effective and efficient cooperation and understanding

Strengthening Relationship

Strengthening Relationship : supporting Indonesia Australia red meat and cattle sector investment and trade ties by facilitating closer and more meaningful engagement

Increasing Skills

Increasing Skills : supporting the exchange of expertise and learning opportunities within the red meat and cattle sector