Our program

The Indonesia Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector (the Partnership) is a joint cooperation between Indonesia and Australia to support food security in the red meat and cattle sectors and access to the global supply chain for red meat and cattle products through trade and investment environment.

The 10-year Partnership will span until 2024, with AUD $ 60 million in funding from the Australian Government and co-contributions from project Partners.

The Partnership Objective
  • Increase domestic and foreign investment in the red meat and cattle supply chain
  • Improve security, prosperity and productivity of the Indonesian and Australian red meat and cattle industries
  • Build a trusted relationship between Australian and Indonesian red meat and cattle industries and governments
  • Increase Indonesia’s cattle population to help meet local demand and food security targets
  • Be able to respond to the increased demand for beef products in Indonesia across differentiated market segments with pricing meting consumer demands


In the first phase, the Partnership’s projects have been grouped into four priority areas; breeding, processing, transport/ logistics and skills development. As the Partnership moves into Phase 2 (2019-2024), its projects are categorised into five priority streams, as follows:


Supply Chain

Capacity Building

Innovation and Export